Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & Massage

with Janey Barrett – Bristol

The various demands of modern life can take their toll on our bodies. Minor dysfunctions can develop into something more problematic if left unchecked. The principle philosophy behind my work is founded on bringing the body back to a state of equilibrium; thereby restoring optimum health and vitality. By keeping the body emotionally and physically balanced, we are helping to keep common illnesses at bay; and can often greatly assist with more specific conditions.




Reflexology is a healing treatment, and can be used to address symptoms related to a wide range of disorders. A point relating to each part of the body can be located in the foot, balance is rectified by manipulating these points.

Janey Barrett, Hypnotherapist in Bristol


Hypnosis is not something that is ‘done to you’ by a Hypnotherapist, it is a natural human state that is happening to us all the time, and is facilitated by the Hypnotherapist through deep relaxation, and guided suggestion.

Janey Barrett practicing Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage soothes away stress and tension, leaving you relaxed, revitalised and re-energised. This is a very popular treatment, perfect for promoting a calm mind, a stress-free body, and for maintaining optimum health.

What my clients say

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you Janey for the wonderful treatment I received today. You have such a caring, professional approach and I left feeling thoroughly relaxed, something I haven’t felt in a very long while. I also went on to have the best nights sleep! Can’t wait for my next session. Thank you!’

Louise C, Redland